Vimshot is an automated screenshot maker. But it makes not just an usual screenshot of a website. Our system scrubs ( Wayback machine ) for deleted websites with high Alexa rank. Not present rank, but historical. It means that our sites was popular some times ago and now they are deleted from the internet.  Then our script download all available content from web archive and restore it on our server. After that website becomes “screenshot” of itself. It means that you can read it and open all pages on it but it is not fully workable. For example on online shops you can’t buy anything or on download services you can’t download files. You can only see what it was on those websites.

We are not responsible for content published on our automated screenshot maker system – all published content is free to download from We just make it easier to browse. But if you think some of our restored sites violate copyright or another rules you can contact us and we will remove that content.


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