Fully workable html screenshots of old sites downloaded from the Wayback machine

Our service is intended to provide you fully workable screenshots of website with search options.

We are making screenshots only of index pages, unfortunately we have no space to store all website archgive data like archive.org. But it is not just a photo! It is complete html code with css, java, GIFs, JPEGs and even Videos. The page will look like absolutely similar to original one.

How does it works?

All our screenshots was downloaded from archive.org. It means than you can find all other pages there if wayback machine has it.
Our spider makes download of main pages of some sites and recovers it on our list. But instead of archive.org we have search option! You can find website in our database by keyword. We have 3 different search options –
1 Search by name, it is easy just enter you keyword like “micro” for example, and you will get all domains with “micro” in the name.
2 Search by tags title and description. Searh only betweenandtags
3 Search in content means – find keyword everywere on the website
4 Date stamp – find screenshots only between chosen dates

The search service is under constructuion. 

Vimshot archive.org search 53%
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