We generally make one of two possible mistakes in our assumptions about the sexual changes of growing older: we either underestimate or overestimate the effect that the normal aging process has on sexual response. The fact is that clear and predictable changes in sexual responsivity begin as early as the mid-thirties. This certainly does not mean that you are over the sexual hill by your fortieth birthday; enjoyable and effective sexual response can be maintained throughout your life. However, it is essential that you and your mate be realistic and sensible about the facts of sex and aging.
As they age, men require more direct and more lengthy stimulation of the penis to get erect. Furthermore, the erection may not be quite as full or as hard as in prior years. Correspondingly, aging women may require more direct and more lengthy stimulation of the breasts and clitoral area to become aroused. There may also be less vaginal lubrication during arousal than in prior years. Once aroused, both men and women require increased direct stimulation of the sexual areas to trigger orgasm as age advances. The orgasm response may be somewhat less intense than in younger years—very relaxing and satisfying, but less explosive.
To understand sex and aging, it is helpful to understand the effects that hormones have on both male and female sexual response. The effects of the male hormone testosterone were discussed in the Sex Drive section. As the testosterone level drops with each advancing decade past age thirty-five, sexual responsivity slows down in the ways just described. But even though the level of this hormone diminishes as we age, our sexual hormones do not disappear. Most men and women continue to have ample testosterone to fuel sexual response throughout life.
The sexual consequences of aging are somewhat more complicated for women because of the abrupt hormonal changes that occur during menopause. During menopause (which typically occurs sometime around age fifty), there is a sudden decrease in the primary female sex hormone, estrogen. Decreased estrogen does not directly lessen sex drive, arousal, or orgasm response in women. It is therefore often said that there is no physical reason for a woman’s sex life to be negatively affected by menopause.
So how is your sex life, from a biological perspective? If you suspect or know that some physical or chemical factor is negatively affecting your sexual response, don’t give up; get more information about your condition and the possible medical treatments available to you. Recent medical advances have made possible the accurate evaluation and successful treatment of many organically caused sexual problems. Pelvic angiography can assess the degree of circulation to the pelvic area. It is also possible to determine penile blood pressure as a means of evaluating whether a biological problem underlies erection difficulties.
Medical aids can enhance blood flow to the penis, and surgical procedures can often restore or aid sexual response. One such procedure involves grafting new blood flow pathways to the penis to aid erection. Another surgery involves the insertion of a penile prosthesis into the penile cavities to allow for the simulation of a natural erection. These surgeries are safe, medically sound, and most often effective in enhancing the sex life of any partners who are otherwise open and loving in their efforts to maintain intimate connections through all the years of their life together.


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What is impotence and what is its difference from erectile dysfunction?  

Impotence. This word will give anyone the Blues and every man with the thought of it feels draught between the shoulder blades. And between the legs.

Actually, the meaning of this term is known, perhaps, to each Homo Sapiens male of more than 13 years old. Though there are many epithets more sonorous, characterizing the significance of this term (“man’s weakness”, “sexual frustration”, etc) – the subject matter is the only one – the function laying in the basis of the continuation of the Human Race becomes inaccessible to this man.

According to the definition of the Big Medicine Encyclopedia – impotence (latine Impotentia – weakness) – is an absence of erection of the penis in man, resulting to impossibility of a sexual intercourse. It is difficult to find more precise and laconic definition. It characterizes the extreme grade of an erection impairment – when a sexual act is in principle inaccessible for a man. For a rather long time the diagnosis “Impotence” was set in to absolutely all men who complain for decrease of duration and intensity of erection of the penis. But there were (and there are) the patients whose erections were in principle preserved, but they have not enough strength to carry out a valid sexual act. In other words, these people would be not impotents, but from the other hand, they are not fully healthy. And in the medical science an inaccurate diagnosis, as it is known, leads to an invalid treatment. Moreover, in the run of special sociologic studies there have been revealed that the number of people with a decreased quality of erections is much more than the one with its full absence. In this respect several years ago at a joint European meeting of anthologists, urologists, sexuality consultants and other specialists, engaged in the treatment of ailments of the men’s genital sphere, there was proposed a new term, which characterized an impairment of erection – “Erectile dysfunction”. Nowadays it is practically impossible to meet the term “Impotence” in a scientific press. With less frequency this term one can find in the pages of a popular-scientific literature.

What is the difference of erectile dysfunction from impotence? Under the term of “erectile dysfunction” it is assumed to understand a pathologic state, characterized by the decrease of the quality of erections in men, and, consequently, the absence of possibility to carry out a valid sexual act (i.e. to introduce the penis into vagina and retain a normal strength of the erection during the time necessary for the finish of a valid sexual act). Thus, it is clear that impotence is not other that an extreme form of erectile dysfunction. In other words – the term “Erectile dysfunction” is a broader concept than impotence, and it unites in itself all the impairments (i.e. dysfunctions) of erectile abilities of the penis in men.

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Vitamin And Mineral Data You Did Not Know About

Ingest a multivitamin to be particular that you are obtaining all your every day requirements. There are several distinct health supplements offered, so how do you know which one particular is very best? Preserve studying to help simplify the process for you!

Take your vitamins following you operate out. The appropriate vitamins will make it simpler to burn off excess fat and develop muscle.

Do your ideal to take in a diet regime that is the two healthier and balanced. Consider to eat at minimum five fruit and veggie parts day-to-day alongside with a bit of protein. If this is difficult to do, take into account adding a complement.

Calcium facilitated bone power. You need to have Vitamin D to support your entire body take up calcium. You can get vitamin D through daylight, food, and health supplements. Any of these support your human body absorb calcium.

If you just take a supplement that includes excess fat, they are taken with foodstuff. Take them at mealtimes. Vitamins like A, E and K are kinds that are very best absorbed with foods. These particular vitamins require unwanted fat in buy to operate effectively.

Iron is important for creating purple blood cells. Your body gets oxygen through red blood cells. Girls need more substantial doses of iron than gentlemen, and several vitamin dietary supplements are formulated specifically for girls with greater concentrations of iron. You may well be lower in iron if you have breathing problems or are just normally tired.

Occasionally, our fiscal condition keeps us from ingesting appropriately. You can maintain a healthy body by having nutritional supplements, which will enable your body to function at peak overall performance to burn body fat, digest foods, and expunge harmful toxins.

Not everyone has time to go to the gymnasium and make well balanced meals all the time, but staying wholesome is important. This is where mineral and vitamin supplements occur in. Hold these ideas in head to support pick the right dietary supplements you truly need to have. articles

How and when erection tablets are used and what is the difference between Viagra, Cialis and Levitra?

Erection tablets belonging to PDE inhibitors group (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) are medications of the first choice for any form of erection disturbance. They are to be taken immediately before a sexual intercourse in a span of time from 30 minutes through 1 hour before a planned sex. In some cases medications are prescribed regularly before each sexual intercourse, sometimes it is recommended to take them only in case when the patient thinks that there is the most chance of failure. The medications have differences: it is useful to know them.

Viagra has the biggest clinical experience, as it is in use from1998. This medication has already helped to more than 16 million of men in entire world, and it is the most studied erection tablet. Viagra should be taken 1 hour before a sexual intercourse, it works up to 4 hours and after its intake side effects in comparison with new creations are likely to occur more often. Before using Viagra one should not take abundant and fat food, as it impairs the effectiveness of the medication.

Levitra may be taken 15 minutes before a planned sex, durability of its action is a bit more than that of Viagra, and frequency of side effects is lesser.

Cialis is to be taken 30 minutes before a planned sexual intercourse and fat food does not influence its activity, it may act up to 36 hours, sometimes more. Because of this Cialis is called a week-end tablet, as one tablet helps to be “in tonus” during all week-end.

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