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Imagine yourself buying some medication at the pharmacy, which was prescribed by your doctor. Quite expensive you think to yourself. A nice pharmacist offers you to get an equivalentthe same medicine at a cheaper price. Take a look at the pack, this medicine contains the exact same active element as the prescribed one. Then why are the prices so different Why do we have to pay more when we get medicine of some particular well-known pharmaceutical companiesWhat is generic medicine

Let us take a look at what can be defined as generic medicine:

It can be a substitute of new innovative medicine

It is produced with no license of the company developing innovative medicine

It can be presented at the market after the expiration of the patent or other rights

So, in general, generic medicine is the same in terms of quality and content as the reference medicine and it is proved by researches of independent experts.

Why is generic medicine cheaper than brand medicine

Think about itto develop and introduce new medicine is a quite expensive business.

Let us begin with the fact that well-known pharmaceutical concerns invest hundreds of millions dollars into research connected to creation of new medicine.

Not every new medicine development is successful. There is a big number of developments that show negative effects right at the beginning.

If there is a positive outcome of experiments, the new formula needs to get a patent.

Then there is series of tests and deeper research, the medicine 4rx.com which is found to be safe and effective will be registered as medicine, which can be prescribed and sold at the pharmacy.

However, it does not mean that the manufacturer will stop the research. It goes on in order to find better application methods and possible combination with other medicine.

The patent term is around 20 years. So these years are used by manufacturer to get back money invested, plus some profit. No doubts we support such development and research by buying original medicine.

Thus the low price of generic medicine can be explained by the following:

-there is no expenses connected to development and research, it is enough to copy the formula;

-there is no need to invest money into advertisingthe consumer already knows how this medicine works.

Low price, does it mean it is a bad quality medicine at 4rx.com

One of the most important goals of the generic medicine manufacturers is to get the same therapeutic effect as the original medicine have got. Otherwise, this generic medicine will not be legal on the market. Of course such a research cannot be considered the same as a big clinical experiment, however, it proves that the generic medicine effect is similar to its prototype. So this generic medicine has got the same treatment effect and minimum of side effects.

It is a general world practice for well-known pharmaceutical companies to produce not only their original medication but generics as well, which are of the same quality. That is why when your doctor offers you to substitute one medication by the other, do not decline this offer right away! The generic medication has got the same active element at the same proportions. The only differenceit is produced under a different name. Also there are cases when the name of generic medication is different only by one or two letters, so the eye of a customer perceives its as an original, for example, no-shpa and nosh-bra.

According to the words of the staff of a pharmacy, they do not differentiate generic medicine and the original, and they do not know what is the proportion of both in the assortment of their store.

Who needs 4rx.com generics

The most interested one in having generics at a pharmacy is of course a general customer.

One undoubted advantage of such analoguesis the budget economy for a country as well as the customers budget. Due to these reasons there companies producing generic medicine even in a well developed countries, including very rich countries. For instance, there are mass purchases of generic medicine in the US for various state health programs and army, as well as generic medicine can be found at pharmacies. As well as in Europe half of the pharmacy market is occupied with generic medications. Generic medicine is profitable in terms of purchasing as well as manufacturing. Moreover generic medicine is cheaper than original on average by 40-60%, which makes it more available for local population.

So in the end of the day, a customer chooses to spend money on pills of a well-known brand, or get a cheaper generic one.

What are the prospects

The pharmacists and doctors of many countries are quite sure in the future of generic medicine. It does not matter how high income an average person can have, cheaper analogues will always be more available.

canadianpharmacy-meds.com What Does it Mean if Someone is Autistic?

Every person experiences their health condition or disease in a very specific way, and certain conditions have a lot more range than others. Since April is Autism Awareness Month, let’s learn the basics of what autism is, how it can be experienced, and how it is managed and treated.

What is Autism?

Autism is a brain disorder characterized by difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication, social interactions and repetitive behavior. There is a disconnection between different areas of the brain, resulting in some of the symptoms described in the next section. Autism is also referred to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which speaks to the large range of unique strengths and impairments. Autism could mean you fall into the third of nonverbal autistic people, the third of autistic people with an intellectual disability or anywhere on the very large range of ways this disorder can be experienced. While there can be severe impairments, this is often present along with normal abilities. It is also possible that an autistic person may possess superior or savant abilities.

Autism Symptoms

Autism typically becomes apparent early, before age three.  Immediate or early detection and diagnosis can make a big difference in ensuring proper treatment and training for the individual to achieve maximum autonomy. An autistic person will likely always have a degree of difficulty relating to others

Different symptoms could be more specific to childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Behavioral therapy and medication will address different needs at different stages, as recommended by doctors and specialists.

Autism can exhibit symptoms that include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Troubled sleep
  • Bladder & bowel issues
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Difficulty with balance, movement and walking
  • ADHD
  • Seizures
  • Repetitive movement (body rocking, hand flapping)
  • Ritualistic behavior or resistance to change in norms or routine
  • Compulsive behavior like checking locks or washing hands

Autism Treatment & Management

While there is no cure for autism, the goal is early diagnosis so that proper, tailored treatment strategies can be implemented. Ideally, this begins in childhood so that and is modified according to development and aging. Behavioral therapy is an important part of helping people with autism to practice self-help, social skills and communication, among other aspects. Depending on individual needs, speech, occupational and physical therapy are other specific therapies that could provide help with more specialized areas.

Medication is often a part of autism treatment, and the type and dosage is dependent on the individual’s symptoms, needs, and the doctor’s recommendations. Antidepressants, stimulants, and antipsychotics are among the most commonly prescribed autism medication. Effective medication and behavioral therapy work together for the goal of best quality of life and the greatest degree of independence possible.

xlpharmacy2.com Reasons Why People Prefer to Buy from Online Pharmacies

Advantages of online pharmacyOnline pharmacies have become quite popular among many consumers over the last few years. These online suppliers for medicine have provided for a lot of people in many different parts of the world, allowing some to gain access to medication that would have not been available in their own countries under normal circumstances.

Online drugstore sites hold many different advantages over regular, conventional pharmacies, giving their consumers the chance to experience many different benefits that they can certainly appreciate. Most people in some countries now actually prefer to buy medication online instead of driving down to their local drugstore for supplies, as they have realized how ordering straight from the internet can give them more convenience and flexibility.

One of the main reasons why a lot of people choose to buy medication online is because products distributed online are significantly cheaper compared to products sold from conventional stores. Online pharmacies are a lot more affordable in terms of building and managing, especially when compared to the amount that has to be paid for leasing space, staffing, and regular upkeep required for standard drug stores. With lower operational costs, online drugstores are able to price their products much lower than normal, giving people more affordable alternatives.

Generic medication is also readily available among most of the top rated and most dependable online pharmacies. People who are looking for the lowest prices for their medication should look no further than generic drugs sold in online drugstores. Generic medication is really more affordable compared to their branded variants, and can be found at even lower prices when ordered straight from online pharmacies. This further reduction of expenses is another reason why a lot of people prefer to buy medication online these days.

Privacy also plays a big role in the popularity of many online drugstores. When ordering from online pharmacies, people don’t have to be in public to purchase medication. Some people have conditions that aren’t as socially acceptable as others, and would prefer to order medication in the privacy of their homes rather than risk exposure and humiliation in public. The added privacy provided by online drugstores have definitely made an impact in the lives of people living with conditions that they don’t want the whole world to know of.

People buy medication online for these reasons, although there are plenty of other reasons that have also made positive contributions to consumers everywhere. Because of these benefits, more and more people nowadays are choosing to order from online pharmacies more than buying straight from traditional ones.


canadianpharmacy-meds.com Salt: Balance the Healthy & Harmful Effects

Like many foods and ingredients, salt in and of itself is not bad for you. Not only does your body require an appropriate amount of salt to function; salt is, of course, also used to preserve meat, for cleaning, and adding flavor to food, among many other benefits. Your daily requirement of sodium is used to maintain proper muscle function and for sending nerve signals. Unless you have or are at risk of developing certain health conditions, you should be able to follow the “everything in moderation” rule. However, if you are confused about the healthy or harmful aspects of salt in your diet, let’s go over the basics.

How Much Salt Do We Need?

The recommends a maximum of 2,300 mg of salt per day, and that the average adult should actually aim for 1,500 mg per day. Just to translate: 2,300 mg is 1 teaspoon, and 1,500 mg is 3/4 teaspoon of salt. You need about 500 mg of sodium per day for proper function (which is less than 1/4 teaspoon). Getting the minimum or average daily intake of salt is not likely something you need to worry about; a balanced diet will cover that. Also, most North Americans are consuming more than the daily recommended intake of sodium.

If you live or work in a hot environment and lose more sweat, it’s alright to have a different average from someone who may not be expelling as much sweat. If you are an athlete or regularly do high intensity exercise, you will also need more than the 1,500 mg/daily salt intake because you are losing salt through your sweat. This is why healthy sports drinks are designed to replenish the body with salt and other electrolytes lost during heavy exertion.

Regularly eating an excessive amount of sodium can strain your kidneys and lead to other problems. Most notably, a high sodium diet is often a sign of a high fat diet, which can contribute to high cholesterol, obesity and heart failure.

Who Needs to Limit Salt?

Now that it’s clear that salt is a part of body function and nutritional needs, let’s clarify who needs to pay more attention to salt consumption. If you have high blood pressure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, or are obese, you will want to follow a doctor-prescribed low sodium diet. Besides more serious health conditions like the ones just mentioned, you may also want to limit sodium if you suffer from chronic bloating or IBS, since the water retention caused by excess salt could be at play.

To be on the safe side, if you are diabetic, have high blood pressure, are over 50 years old, or are African American (all factors that are associated with excess-salt-related health issues), ask your doctor what your personal sodium intake should be.

How to Consume Less Salt

Most of the salt you consume in everyday meals is not from your salt shaker. The majority of salt intake comes from packaged food. The quick tips on how to lower your salt intake is to avoid red meat, packaged /processed food, and fast food. Also, learn to read ingredients and know what sauces or condiments may have unexpectedly high levels of salt (and likely sugar). Herbs and spices can be used to bring a rich and low-sodium flavour to your meals.

Of course, another way to ensure a healthy diet is to shift your focus to , rather than what to avoid. Fresh produce and meats will have less sodium because the food won’t be packed in salt and preservatives to last. Vegetables should make up half of your plate or portion for meals because not only is it a high source of nutrients, it is also low calorie and low sodium. To round out a vegetable-heavy diet, look for recipes that incorporate whole grains, fish and nuts, lean meat and poultry, and low-fat dairy. Don’t forget that potassium (bananas, potatoes, white beans) is a nutritional way to counteract excessive sodium.

We hope this has helped clarify your understanding of salt consumption, and provide you with a gauge of how much is good for you. If you want to be sure, do ask your doctor to give you a professional opinion based on your specific health condition and what would be a safe amount of salt to have in your diet.


xlpharmacy2.com Online Pharmacy Sites and Self-diagnosis

Our interconnected world presents many opportunities for new knowledge. Indeed, this abundance has come to include medical, diagnostic, and online pharmacy websites. The immediate availability of medical information has come to the fore in the debate over the spread of information over the web. In the UK, for example, 81% of patients consult websites first before visiting a physician, according to a study by Lloydspharmacy. Because of the prevalence of these medical websites, it is challenging to figure out what information is medically accurate and which are unreliable. How much knowledge is too much knowledge?

Why is self-diagnosis prevalent?

Virtually every patient has performed some kind of self-diagnosis. Most of it is relatively harmless, and self-diagnoses are safe if the primary symptoms consist of a cold, a slight fever, or body pain. Websites offering self-diagnosis services normally ask that a patient provide a list of their symptoms. Alternatively, some websites already have a list of symptoms and invite patients to check their symptoms against the different ones posted on their websites. This method is considerably cheaper than consulting a doctor and is definitely more convenient.

When a patient consults an online medical site, and then orders pharmaceutical productsfrom an online pharmacy, the risk in this practice goes up, especially if the medication cures only the symptoms and not the causes of any particular condition.

The dangers of self diagnosis

While the information on legitimate websites can be helpful in halting the spread of a disease, an extended use of these websites to diagnose every single illness certainly results in a higher number of misdiagnoses. Because there are almost 400,000 websites offering medical information, sorting out symptoms can be quite confusing. This information can only be sorted out by a medical professional.

Professional diagnosis is a process which involves a more complicated approach than self-diagnosis. A licensed doctor frequently observes a patient during consultation and allows him to explain his symptoms in great detail. That physician may order some tests, such as a blood test or MRI, and these tests are usually available only in a hospital or diagnostic laboratory. When results become available, the doctor interprets and discusses them with the patient, who is then given a prescription for pharmaceutical products. A reliable online drugstore is a very convenient way to purchase these products, given the time and resources saved.

Should I still consult online health websites?

Online health information websites are very informative. They provide patients with preliminary research before consulting a doctor. Well-researched sites like government health websites are especially valuable, because they provide current and accurate information. However, these websites should not be the last stop in the journey to recovery from any symptom or disease.

Consultation with a licensed doctor is still the best option for any patient. Commonly, people without medical training assume that symptoms point to a disease that they do not have. This causes unnecessary panic. These patients who misdiagnose themselves are prone to buying medicines online. Such purchases may be totally unnecessary, inappropriate, or even deadly. Only a doctor should make such decisions, especially when that decision involves the intake of potentially harmful pharmaceutical products.

The future

Online self-diagnosis is a phenomenon that continues to grow. More websites offering such information will be available in the future. However, extreme care needs to be taken when taking information from such websites. The safest option for any patient, after consulting medical websites, is to visit a qualified medical professional. Lives may be at stake, and mistakes in diagnosis often mean that a disease spirals out of control until too late.  This is an avoidable situation, and proper diagnosis must be the goal of every doctor and every patient.


About 247medication.com

About 247medication.com

247medication.com offers a convenient, private, affordable alternative to conventional pharmacies and other costly online services. We consider ourselves a new option, not a replacement for traditional healthcare and regular medical examinations. Therefore, we encourage you to inform your doctor if you use any new medication so that your doctor can monitor your therapy.

247medication.com is an online pharmacy, with it’s own pharmacy from were the products are dispached and also is acting as a broker on behalf of and on account of several pharmacies and offers safe and convenient alternatives. We save our customers’ time and money by taking care of the delivery of the high quality products safely and confidentially right to their door.

247medication.com is run by a dedicated team which has responsibility for all aspects of technology, supply-chain management and customer service.

Welcome to 1st-Canadian-Pharmacy.net

Welcome to 1st-Canadian-Pharmacy.net

Buying prescription medications online through Canada and other countries that regulate drug prices is a true alternative to paying the high prices that local pharmacies are charging. More and more people each day are taking advantage of the substantial savings that our Canadian and international online pharmacies offer. We are very proud of the fact that while our low prices may get your initial order, it is our customer service and personal touch that will keep you as a loyal customer long into the future. We provide a true win/win situation for our customers: low prices with high customer service.

Learn How to Order from 1st-Canadian-Pharmacy.net


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We refer our clients only to licensed international pharmacies and suppliers. Most of generic medications are shipped from India. We do not market prohibited and/or habit forming substances.

We Offer

  • Very large generic medication selection
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medrx-one-com articles

What is impotence and what is its difference from erectile dysfunction?  

Impotence. This word will give anyone the Blues and every man with the thought of it feels draught between the shoulder blades. And between the legs.

Actually, the meaning of this term is known, perhaps, to each Homo Sapiens male of more than 13 years old. Though there are many epithets more sonorous, characterizing the significance of this term (“man’s weakness”, “sexual frustration”, etc) – the subject matter is the only one – the function laying in the basis of the continuation of the Human Race becomes inaccessible to this man.

According to the definition of the Big Medicine Encyclopedia – impotence (latine Impotentia – weakness) – is an absence of erection of the penis in man, resulting to impossibility of a sexual intercourse. It is difficult to find more precise and laconic definition. It characterizes the extreme grade of an erection impairment – when a sexual act is in principle inaccessible for a man. For a rather long time the diagnosis “Impotence” was set in to absolutely all men who complain for decrease of duration and intensity of erection of the penis. But there were (and there are) the patients whose erections were in principle preserved, but they have not enough strength to carry out a valid sexual act. In other words, these people would be not impotents, but from the other hand, they are not fully healthy. And in the medical science an inaccurate diagnosis, as it is known, leads to an invalid treatment. Moreover, in the run of special sociologic studies there have been revealed that the number of people with a decreased quality of erections is much more than the one with its full absence. In this respect several years ago at a joint European meeting of anthologists, urologists, sexuality consultants and other specialists, engaged in the treatment of ailments of the men’s genital sphere, there was proposed a new term, which characterized an impairment of erection – “Erectile dysfunction”. Nowadays it is practically impossible to meet the term “Impotence” in a scientific press. With less frequency this term one can find in the pages of a popular-scientific literature.

What is the difference of erectile dysfunction from impotence? Under the term of “erectile dysfunction” it is assumed to understand a pathologic state, characterized by the decrease of the quality of erections in men, and, consequently, the absence of possibility to carry out a valid sexual act (i.e. to introduce the penis into vagina and retain a normal strength of the erection during the time necessary for the finish of a valid sexual act). Thus, it is clear that impotence is not other that an extreme form of erectile dysfunction. In other words – the term “Erectile dysfunction” is a broader concept than impotence, and it unites in itself all the impairments (i.e. dysfunctions) of erectile abilities of the penis in men.

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